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Why Would Someone Hypnotize a Dog?

Did you ever think about hypnotizing your dog? While browsing through the internet the other day stumbled upon a very interesting post where people where laughing their a** out while analyzing some keywords that people actually use to search various needs online. And the terms are so full of controversy an interesting that as a matter of fact we also wanted to blog and write another post about it. It seems so hilarious that we cannot simply understand why would someone do something like this ever in his life? Meaning that a pet is a pet, you might want to apply hypnosis and hypnotherapy for something less important but whey the hell would you ever need to hypnotize someone or something especially a dog? We know a lot of people that are interested in many various things and issues related to subjects like hypnotherapy to quit something like addiction or we don't know might be some kind of psychological issues but as a matter of fact it is quite odd to see those who are interested into something like this.

No who would be interested in something like how to hypnotize your dog? Knowing how to hypnotize someone is quite difficult, you can do it, yes, actually you can achieve something like that. There is nothing to worry about. It can be easily learned and people can achieve that too. Once again, there is nothing to worry about. In some cases people are just assuming the fact that in terms of denial there might be some interesting controversy related to that. But still, why people would hypnotize a dog or yours just remains something extremely mysterious.

From our experience we know that people are usually looking for something more interesting and useful and that can be applied in practice which is how to hypnotize your wife - cool eh? Well this is something that we can understand and realize because we are also married and there is nothing wrong with it. However, in most of the cases there are human related concerns and queries, while in this case - hypnotize your dog? Damn this looks to odd for me.

Anyway, this is all that we wanted to talk about today, a short post just to try a few things and see that such issues really work out or is it something that requires a lot of energy and stuff to be promoted and healed here and why those people that are more then convinced about things that can be easily tracked down and receive come kind of interest can be done in the way it should be done. You are here because you searched for how to hypnotize your dog and we are wondering why you did that?

Please leave your questions or feedback in comments and we are going to answer that with pleasure :)

Richard Seperato

1 comment:

  1. I searched for "hypnotize 'a' dog" because i wanted to know if a dog would also get hypnotized by a pendulum and if a hidden subconsciousness developed by the many hours the dog might have been listening to human conversations would take over and the dog would understand someones hypnotic commands or suggestions in a fluent manner rather than talking like "no (imitation of barking sound)".


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