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Free online hypnosis is regarded by a lot of people as information that "should" actually be free, but at the same time priceless and that might show you a unique and amazing way to learn how to hypnotize someone without doing too much work. However, it is well known that there is nothing to worry about. People are too overwhelmed by different things and they ignore the importance of time in their daily activities. In order to be able to perform something with certain proficiency one needs experience. The same goes with hypnosis. If you think you should (from unknown resources and reason) be able to hypnotize someone after reading some worthless e-book found on the web then you are good to go. But remember you aren't going to reach anything because in most of the cases there are people trying to reach their audience selling not so good information.

Free online hypnosis is actually a concept, a concept that is basically misunderstood by most of the guys and girls out there, hypnotism enthusiasts that are continuously looking for ways to dominate, control and induce people around them just for the sake of doing so. Another thing that we were trying to explain since the beginning of this blog is that it is compulsory that you intentions should be white, pure and positive in order to have success with hypnosis. Online, when talking or chatting with someone who you barely know and trying to hypnotize him just with words it is too complicated - but this has some extremely good pluses that add up later and create an iron type of experience for you and all your expectations. We have found that in most of the cases, beginners willing to learn hypnosis are searching for hypnotizing someone while they are sleeping or something similar. In this post we are going to try to explain some important aspects of free online hypnosis and that particular fear of trying to induce a totally sober person into doing what you want and what he basically doesn't - that is the main idea behind this.

Now people that are willing to discover the ultimate free online hypnosis resource on the internet are people that don't actually know or realize what is happening. In most of the cases they are just attempting to reach more knowledge, but as we know the human beings are greedy and if possible everything should be free in this world for them. When attempting to learn to hypnotize someone it is absolutely the same. Nothing changed, at all, it is the same old issues that are continuously being modified as time passes by. So, learning needs concentration, willing to find out something and discover how it works means knowing it's basic concepts, ideas and movements. When people are asking on different websites and engines for free articles on hypnotizing someone without them knowing then it is all clear. They aren't willing to invest time, funds and energy into looking for something more proficient and they are basically superficially interested in this matter. They probably saw somewhere a video or too about how different well known hypnotists from all over the world are hypnotizing people on the streets and they feel the magic and the joke of being able to do the same and the next thing that they do is sit in from on the computer, run the internet browser and type into G: free online hypnosis.

There isn't too much fuss lately, but when we last checked the G trends for hypnotic terms people were actually searching a lot. It might be something related with the actual economic crisis or it might be also something related with the stress that people experience lately because most of them lost their wealth and jobs and so on and so forth. However, it is what it is and if you are not willing to move on you are doomed to remain in the same place and rot as nothing and no one is willing to change the things for you just for the sake of doing so. It is a matter of time and you should understand that. Without proper knowledge nothing is going to happen. Put together more things and realize that you should invest into your knowledge about hypnotizing and that should do the work in the long run. Forget about what others told you. You know have to be able to decide on your own. Be yourself, don't try to copy others - this is the main important aspect when trying to learn hypnosis. It is what it is guys.

Nowadays there is a tendency to lie and to scam people around you just to make a buck. Everyone is aware of that but still there are a lot of people that are willing to use hypnotic techniques to do that and they don't give a damn. It is up to you to decide either this is so special or you are just willing to achieve that goal. You are going to experience the side effects of miss used hypnosis methods in the long run, not now - and that is absolutely normal. Don't stress yourself too much. Everything is going to be okay. Now, when you are able to understand things at a certain degree you might again start looking for more information about hypnotizing people around you, hypnotizing your wife, dogs, cats, parrots, loved ones, boy friend, girl friend, mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, cousins, and so on and so forth. However, we mentioned this a hundred times already but we are going to repeat it for the sake of safety. Okay, you might be able to hypnotize all these people but be aware that you have to have positive and beneficial intentions when doing so. Don't just do it for the fun or laugh. It is stupid. Don't do it people. It's about karma and karma never forgives things like this. In fact it doesn't care. It is an entity with no feelings. It is the shadow of your actions. It is ready to reward you for the good things you do in life and at the same time to strike you in the stomach for doing bad to others, so please be carefully, because we warned you. (The same goes for all those people that are trying to apply NLP hypnosis in school or university - be extremely careful)

Now, if you want instructions on hypnotizing someone you got them for free on this blog. And when saying free we are not talking about garbage information. We are here to provide you the best and quality knowledge about different issues related to hypnotism and how to use them in your real life. This is very important if you are willing to learn something and to invest time (at least) if you are not willing to spend some wealth, but that is alright and we don't mind at all.

Hypnotizing others around you can someone be a pain. If you are irritated and confused you better punch them lol. However, you might get arrested for this and this is so viable solution in this case. In other words, hypnosis is an art, being able to hypnotize someone is all skill - techniques used by masters to help other people, to open their eyes and to make them realize that the world they are living in is a little bit different then most of them see it. It would be awesome if those who can actually hypnotize could help at least one person per month understand certain things about diseases, stress, pain, karma, reactions and the universal laws of this world. This is one of the better (maybe best ways) to use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to make the world a better place. Think about it and if you would like to mention something please leave some feedback in the comments or just contact us at hypnotizesomeone*at*gmail*com (Remove the starts, add @ instead of at and instead of *com add *com). We write it this way in order to prevent spam to reach our in box and for those of you familiar with the internet you might already realize what is this all about.

In the end we would like to add that no matter what and why are you always tending to learn hypnosis, it still doesn't matter. The approach is the same. Either you want to hypnotize your dog or just for the sake of being able to communicate better in your business or meetings. It's all about skills and skills are at those who practice a lot. So don't just stand there and wait for the magic bullet to hurt you. Start to read this blog from scratch. Find other resources. Gather all possible information about how to hypnotize someone and you are going to succeed. In the end you might just go to a good search engine and look up free online hypnosis.

Hypnosis is definitely going to change your life. Period.

Looking forward seeing you hypnotizing others,
Richard Seperato


  1. I went through your blog, and I found it really good thanks for your advices. I agree with these advice and look forward to more such advices.

  2. I read your blog and fin it very very interesting, I wonder if what you put can be achieve.


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