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How to Hypnotize Someone Rapidly

One of the aspirations of many hypnotists is to learn how to be able to hypnotize someone in seconds. This article gives you some pointers as to how you can go about learning this skill.

One of the first things to realize when doing rapid hypnotic inductions is that the hypnotic induction is made to happen a lot quicker than you might think. When hypnotists are working they will usually take about 15 to 30 minutes to put their clients into a deep hypnotic trance. However rapid induction as most famously taught by Dave Elman allow you to literally guide someone into a hypnotic trance in seconds.

The second point to remember is that the hypnotist isn't really doing anything to the other person. Because it is ultimately themselves who has to change their own focus and mindset in the moment. So the person you want to guide into a hypnotic trance has to be willing. They have to want to go into a hypnotic trance. Now the point of rapid hypnosis is that you can learn to hypnotize people without them necessarily knowing beforehand that you will do it. Note that it still requires them to want to go into trance in the moment you start the induction. If someone really doesn't want to they will resist. But there is a way to find out if they are suggestible enough to want to experience a hypnotic trance.

So lets imagine you meet someone a party and they find out you can hypnotize people. They might want you to show them what you can do. Explain to them that you are only learning and are still practicing the skills. Then change the topic of conversation. For example describe how you are very hungry and if they've ever had that feeling where they feel they could eat for two people, describe your favorite meal. Now the key point to remember is that you are watching out for just how much they are imagining this experience together with you. Do their eyes widen, do they nod eagerly, do their lips and mouth open as they smile? In this case you have found someone who is open to being hypnotized.

Now comes the rapid induction. During your conversation put out your hand as if you want to shake their hand. As they reach out you grab their hand by the wrist with your other hand then quickly, but gently turn their hand around and up close to their face. At the same time you say in a calm and friendly voice: 'Close your eyes, that's right, go in to a deep safe and warm place, deeper and deeper, safe and warm'. This is called a pattern interrupt. You are interrupting the pattern that people expect in this case a handshake. This causes the person to become confused. When people are confused they look to the outside world for guidance on how to behave and this is when you tell them to close their eyes and feel safe and warm.

From here on you can continue your hypnotic trance as you would normally do. Make sure to bring them out of trance and explain to them what you did. Now you might not read this in any of the hypnosis reviews, articles or see it on hypnosis videos but it can't be stressed enough; whenever you are hypnotizing people your intention should always be to make them feel better and more confident in their lives. In any case people will reject any negative intentions you have for them and resist going into a trance. Do not practice this form of induction on strangers because that could get you into trouble. Friends and acquaintances are the kinds of people that will enjoy the experience but remember to only do the rapid induction after they've expressed a desire to be hypnotized.

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  1. Interesting post I would say this...A great way to hypnotize quickly is to wiggle your fingers and hand in front of someone's face quickly and then drop your hand and say "sleep" this causes a very quick trance because the brain gets confused from the wiggling fingers and hands

    try it out.

    You can learn to hypnotize at my site...


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